Okoa Mombasa joins KCSPOG and Natural Justice Kenya to submit comments on proposed ATI regulations

July 7, 2021

Okoa Mombasa, the Kenya Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas (KCSPOG) and Natural Justice Kenya have submitted joint written comments on Kenya’s Draft Access to Information (General) Regulations, 2021.

The new regulations will determine how government bodies respond to public requests for information through the Access to Information Act. 

The joint memorandum, filed on 30 June 2021, contains general and specific comments and recommendations for consideration in the improvement of the Draft Regulations. The comments are premised on the organisations’ experience with challenges associated with the right to access to information, in various spheres of their operations.

While the regulations could mark an important step towards facilitating Kenyans’ access to information, the comments highlight several areas where they fall short. For example, some important terms are not defined, fees for translation into local languages are excessive, and gaps remain that could hinder disclosure of key information.

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