Our factsheet series breaks down the facts and figures behind some of the most pressing issues facing the Coast region.


Container Terminal 2

The Government of Kenya is attempting to privatise the Port of Mombasa’s Container Terminal 2 (CT2), by handing it over in a secret deal to the Kenya National Shipping Line (KNSL) which is 47% owned by the Italian-owned Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).

How will residents of Mombasa benefit from handing over such a high-value public asset to the private sector? Not much, it turns out. It’s just another government initiative to siphon resources away from Coast. This factsheet summarizes why the secret deal to privatise CT2 is bad for Mombasa.


The SGR Cargo Directive

In August 2019, the Kenyan Government issued a directive requiring all cargo arriving at the Port of Mombasa be transported to Nairobi via the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). It also effectively shifted all clearing and forwarding operations inland, bypassing Mombasa.

The directive has been devastating for Mombasa, whose economy relies heavily on the Port. Thousands of truck owners and drivers are no longer needed to haul cargo. Hundreds of clearing and forwarding firms have packed up and moved to Nairobi or wound up. Many local container freight stations now sit empty. This factsheet outlines the key problems with the SGR directive.

(Update: In Sept. 2022, the directive was rescinded by the government, thanks in large part to advocacy by Okoa Mombasa, is members and other allies. Port services have returned to Mombasa.)


About Okoa Mombasa

Okoa Mombasa is a coalition of workers’ unions, businesses, professional associations, civil society organisations and others who have come together out of concern for the livelihoods and wellbeing of the residents of Mombasa. Above all, we are committed to ensuring local participation in decisions that affect the use of local resources.

This factsheet provides an overview of our values, our principles and our current initiatives.


COVID-19 & Old Town Mombasa

Upon request by Old Town residents, Okoa Mombasa and MUHURI conducted a survey of Old Town residents to document their perceptions on the impact of the lockdown, including in relation to the provision of basic needs. Over four days in June 2020, a questionnaire was circulated by about 30 volunteer youth from Old Town. Approximately 1015 responses were received to the questionnaire.

This factsheet summarizes the findings. The full report can be read here.


Show Us the Contracts

The Kshs 450B SGR is the most expensive infrastructure project in Kenya’s history, and was financed mostly via loans from the Export-Import Bank of China. Despite the enormous cost and numerous calls for transparency, the government has refused to publish agreements related to the project’s financing, citing confidentiality. 

On 21 June 2021, we filed suit to obtain those documents because Kenyans whose taxes are being used to pay for this overpriced project are entitled to know how the loans are structured, what obligations Kenya incurs and the consequences of default. This factsheet explains the lawsuit and its background. 

(Update: In May 2022, the High Court in Mombasa granted our petition and ordered the government to release the documents we requested. The government has appealed, however.) 

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