“I am the Sovereign Kenyan in Article 1 of the Constitution.”

July 5, 2023

Moment of Watch with the High Court on Finance Act on the 5th of July 2023

Statement from the Okoa Uchumi Campaign

We, members of Civil Society Organizations and sovereign citizens of this nation, celebrate the fortitude of the letter and spirit of our Constitution as displayed in the High Court ruling on the constitutionality of the Cabinet Administrative Secretaries (CASs). The judgment thwarted attempts by the Public Service Commission and the President to distort the people’s social contract by furthering political expediency at the expense of the rule of law.

However, we note that the representative democracy, voice, respect and dignity of the people of Kenya continued to be purveyed by the betrayal of the Executive and Parliament in the budget formulation process that saw expanded expenditure estimates accompanied by extractive taxation measures enacted by Parliament against the will of the people. The views of Kenyans through formal and informal public participation were resoundingly clear that Parliament should rationalize the budget estimates for a reduced budget and enforcement of current taxation measures. We add our voice alongside other Kenyans who are overburdened by the cost of living and feel abused by the high levels of state impunity. The Executive has compromised the role of Parliament, and representative democracy is at risk.

Sovereign Kenyans, fully aware of the treachery and injustice they will face from excessive taxation without accompanying accountability, transparency and respect for their participation, moved to court to defend their direct will led by Okiya Omtatah and several sovereign Kenyans. The court issued interim orders, which will be considered in detail tomorrow, 5th July 2023.

Where representative democracy fails, as we witnessed in Parliament, the Sovereign citizens of Kenya take back their power and exercise it directly. The sovereign Kenyan is, therefore, not helpless and will not sit and wait to be squeezed by the ‘colonial oppressive’ state.

WE THEREFORE call on fellow sovereign Kenyans to take the following actions to exercise their power:

  • Print and publish the interim orders barring implementing the Finance Act, 2023, in all petrol stations and join us. We serve the same on EPRA and prepare to claim the money stolen from Kenyans.
  • Join us virtually at the Milimani Courts on Wednesday, 5th July 2023, in the application hearing to stop the implementation of the pain-inflicting finance bill 2023 in huge numbers as we defend our sovereignty on the economic and political front.
  • Protest the continued abrogation of the duty to represent the sovereign Kenyan people from economic exploitation through unfair and excessive taxation, imprudent and odious debt and wanton budgeted corruption through actions directed to their Members of Parliament.
  • Remind the state officers that we are also Kenyans with a right to Live in dignity and not at the mercy of the errant political class by wearing a black scarf or turban every Freedom Thursday in all spaces occupied by the sovereign people of Kenya

For more information, contact info@tisa.or.ke or Rozalia Wangui via rozalia.wangui@tisa.or.ke

Endorsed by:
1. Centre for Enhancing Democracy and Good Governance (CEDGG)
2. Kongamano La Mapinduzi (KLM)
3. Mzalendo Halisi Foundation (#UtuNaUzalendoKE)
4. Operation No Elections (ONE)
5. Midrift Human Rights Network
6. The Institute for Social Accountability (TISA)
7. InformAction (IFA)
8. PAWA254
9. Kenyans for Non Violent Change
10. Otieno Ombok
11. Amnesty International Kenya
12. Econews Africa
13. Kenya Human Rights Commission
14. Remusi Housing Cooperative Society Ltd
15. Transparency International Kenya
16. African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD)
17. TribelessYouth
18. Siasa Place
19. Okoa Mombasa
20. Muslims For Human Rights
21. Kenya Bora Tuitakayo Movement
22. Elimu Bora Campaign
23. Social Justice Centres Working Group
24. Angaza Movement
25. Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO)
26. Inuka Ni Sisi
27. Pamoja Trust

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