Election Winners Should Protect Human Rights in Mombasa

August 31, 2022

MOMBASA – Okoa Mombasa congratulates the winning candidates in Kenya’s 2022 elections, including two in Mombasa who signed our Election Demands Pledge: Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir (governor) and Mohamed Faki (senator).

The Pledge asked candidates to commit to reversing the illegal Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) cargo directives, publicly releasing the SGR contracts, and expanding public participation, amongst other things. Mombasa community members participated in the drafting of this pledge, and now expect the new leadership to make good on their promises as ascribed in the Pledge.

The work starts now. Okoa Mombasa will monitor how the winning candidates perform in office.

“The elected winners need to put Mombasa first,” said Uba Uba Suleiman of InformAction on behalf of Okoa Momabsa. “We urge them to speak out early and often on the issues we’ve raised and take all actions within their power to implement the Pledge.”

Okoa Mombasa plans to publish periodic “scorecards” rating the performance of politicians based on the Pledge. The scorecard will be based on officeholders’ efforts to implement nine specific demands:

  1. Reversal of the unlawful SGR cargo directives, allowing freedom of choice of cargo transportation from Mombasa.
  2. Job creation opportunities and initiatives to cushion those affected by job losses and business closures in Mombasa.
  3. Upgrade of the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway to facilitate efficient road transportation, trade and economic growth of towns along the highway.
  4. Engagement and consultation with Mombasa residents on decisions that affect their resources and assets. Consultation must happen in meaningful public participation exercises, and their views must be considered in all decision making.
  5. Implementing a re-naming exercise for the waterfront park and certain streets in Mombasa County, with meaningful public participation.
  6. Publication of the SGR contracts and agreements related to financing, construction, management, operation, and impact of the project.
  7. Investigation into individuals responsible for the fraudulent procurement of the SGR project, and those withholding information on the SGR.
  8. Prioritization of Mombasa residents’ needs in lawmaking activities.
  9. Reshaping of county government so that it prioritizes and implements policies that ensure local resources benefit Mombasa residents.

The first scorecard will be released in December 2022, after elected officials complete their first 100 days in office.

What did the winners pledge?

Prior to the elections, Okoa Mombasa conducted live interviews with a number of leading candidates to see how they would implement our Pledge (full videos are available on our Facebook page and on YouTube).

We summarized the responses of four key candidates here, including election winners Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir (governor) and Mohamed Faki (senator).

For interviews, please contact:
Uba Suleiman – InformAction – +254 718 397 254

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